Hi I'm Avery :) Verified 2 places!! Discord:Ayevee#7811

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    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Lesbian

    Status: In a relationship

    Location: Minnesota

    Looking for: A fun community I can use as a creative outlet!

    Hobbies: I enjoy drawing. Editing and writing stories! Working out, experimental science projects and learning the world around me. Problem solving and buying shoes!! (Not heels more like tennis shoes)

    DMs: Open (But don’t be weird or crass)

    Other info.....I just graduated college in December, I'm starting a job as a sexual wellness counselor and....I love to talk! Be ready to talk about other things besides sex though! :smiley:

    I consider myself an amateur artist and I love to draw and create. I don't do commissions anymore, it kills my fun! I’m also on twitter and I’m quite desperate for followers so…..follow meeeee so I can start posting things :p

    I avoid showing myself unless I HAVE to, (obviously to get verified on pornhub and imagefap) I’m verified on 2 porn sites to prove authenticity of who I am. I have a life and a job outside of this world and I try to keep the two of them separate. If you ask I’ll tell you no, if you keep asking I’ll just leave the conversation. Inversely I’ll never ask for pics and if you offer them I’ll decline! Let’s keep this casual and all be faceless names on the internet! :D

    I definitely have a sexual side…..but we can get into that later!

    My DMs are very much open! Be interesting if you message me :) “hi” is super boring. I’m not allowed to post links so if you would like to hear my audio intro or see the other places I call home!

    I know that links can be frowned upon so if you want the links you'll have to find me! (I have a discord server and need more porn minded people!! my tag is "Ayeevee#7811"

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